Dad's How-To Workshop

Product Image (from Amazon) Review Usage / Installation Reference
Dad's Workshop items. They were fun and rewarding jobs.
Mouse Trap A very fun project. Make it with your kid(s). Easy to make. Who cares if it does not catch any mice.
Trailer Hitch Worth it. Get one for your bikes and boat. Easy 2-hour job, no spare tire removal
Trampoline Damanges the lawn. Needs routine cleaning. Kids love it. Takes 3 - 4 hours to install. Wear heavy duty gloves.
Moen Shower Control Knob Why are they so expensive? A 30-minute job. Replace every 2 - 3 years. Do not do it if you have no prior plumbing experience.
Thule Hitch 5-Bike Rack A very good product Take 1 minute to put one and take off.
Wheelbarrow Hanging A 10¢ job worth $100. Measure twice. Nail once.
Watch Battery Changing Kit Cheap kit but does the job Fun to do.
Honda automatic transmission fluid ATF-Z1 equivalent This is same ones sold by the Honda dealerships. Don't let them rip you off. Trust yourself.
WEN 4208 8-Inch 5-Speed Drill Press Great for everyday use. It does the job. N/A
TOPEAK Alien II Multi-Tool / Pocket bike tool Highly recommended. Commes in handy. Perfect for bicycles. N/A


RMG said...

This website helped me hang a wheelbarrow. Thank you so much Seahorse Workshop!

Jeo Alexandria said...

Cool. Thanks for visiting.